Celebrate World Book Day With Trevillion!


Today the world celebrates reading for the richness it brings to our lives. Many children dress as their favourite book characters, and share cherished books with classmates. And whilst most adults don’t go to work dressed as the Gruffalo, they still share their favourite books with friends and family alike.

But as thankful as we are to all the brilliant authors past and present, we should not forget the many talented artists that bring so many books to life! Whether it’s photography or illustration, reading would just not be the same without this extra magic.

They say you should never judge a book by it’s cover, but we all appreciate a great cover when we see one. And the Trevillion photographers have helped create some truly fantastic covers that can be found all over the world! So to mark the occasion here are just a few of Trevillion’s recently published covers!

Happy World Book Day!


Trevillion ImagesCelebrate World Book Day With Trevillion!

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