About Trevillion Studios

The Trevillion Studio produces fantastic original cover-art, and always on time and budget!
Alongside Trevillion Images our experienced studio has been working successfully with book publishers all over the world for over 20 years. And with our extensive experience in producing original shoots, distance is no problem.
So we work with many publishers in the USA: Penguin, Random House, Harper Collins and St Martins Press, to name but a few.
The studio team includes a number of highly talented photographers – all of whom are book cover specialists – who can be reliably commissioned to produce fantastic creative photography.

How does it work?

You can call or email us with your commission enquiry, and we will provide you with detailed costings for your project based on any written briefs and visual references you have given us. We will also recommend the best photographer for your project, or alternatively you can choose a photographer from our talented team.

Once the photographer and costings are agreed, we then manage the entire project for you. But always giving you the opportunity to agree to other key elements – such as choice of model, costumes and styling etc. And we will keep you fully informed as the project progresses, right up until the moment when we send you the final images.

How long does it take?

Because of the Studio’s extensive experience, when necessary, we can work to extremely tight deadlines, and we come sometimes turn around projects in just a few days.

How much does it cost?

Again, because of our experience, we know how to contain the costs of a shoot. So our commissions can offer great value for money, and usually well within general cover art budgets.


My account manager and photographer delivered what I needed MUCH sooner than expected. I would certainly use this high-quality service again.”

Theresa Evangelista, Penguin USA

I’m so very, very, very impressed with the work you provided and the ease and cost efficiency this shoot allowed us.

Regina Flath, Random USA

I was so impressed by the innovative search service, I was able to achieve the exact look and feel we were aiming for.

Kate Oakley, Harper Collins UK