Trevillion’s Lars Van De Goor Wins Hasselblad Masters 2016!

Lars Van De Goor Hasselblad Masters Awards 2016 Landscape Photography

Congratulations to Trevillion photographer Lars Van De Goor, who has won one of the world’s most prestigious professional photography awards. Beating thousands of other hopefuls to be crowned 2016 Hasselblad Master in landscape photography.

Hassleblad are renowned for their medium format cameras and lenses that produce breathtakingly detailed photographs. For decades Hasselblad cameras have been behind some of the most famous photographs, even being trusted by NASA to capture the moon landings. 

Lars was the natural choice for this year’s Hasselblad Masters awards as his winning image (see above) is finely detailed and exceptionally creative, qualities he has always bought to the images in his Trevillion collection.

See below for more of Lars’ beautiful landscape photographs, and check out his amazing Trevillion collection here!

Trevillion ImagesTrevillion’s Lars Van De Goor Wins Hasselblad Masters 2016!

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