Diversify Your Content

Clients are always requesting more diverse content for their projects. So check out these helpful tips to keep up-to-date with client demands:

Men – All ages, styles, and locations.

Couples – Not just romantic, all kinds of emotions and relationships, from love to breakup.

Groups – Three or more people, groups of teenagers and families.

Ethnic diversity – Images that reflect the ethnic diversity of people are increasingly in demand.

Still life – Still-life shots need to look as ‘real life’ as possible, such as coats on a hook, or books on a desk.

Interiors – Locations around the home, or even public places like cafes or train stations.

Urban locations – Images that demonstrate the modern world such as city life, travel & transport, with or without people.

Add Variety To Your Shoots

One of the easiest ways to increase sales is to keep shoots varied. So even with the same model and location you can still give clients a range of options:

Change Your Perspective – A really creative way to increase variety is to take images from many different angles.

  • At eye level
  • Looking down at the subject
  • Looking up at the subject
  • From directly above (Birds eye view)

Get Up Close – Clients want to see more than just head-shots, whether it’s hands, feet, or even clothing detail. So make sure to take a variety of shots from top-to-toe!

Get Moving – Running, walking, or dancing, clients often need more images filled with movement. So, get your model moving!

Take a Step Back – Clients need space for text, so give the subject some room to breath and include extra sky, landscape, interior space, etc.

Make Your Images Look Great

Keep these points in mind to make sure your images look their best:

Not too dark or light – Check your images are not under or over exposed, and that there is enough detail in the lightest and darkest parts.

Keep colours natural – Natural bright colours allow easy editing of your images, so avoid strong colour casts.

Don’t over sharpen – Clients prefer to control sharpness, so use minimal sharpening for best results.

Avoid using textures and vignettes – Often textures and vignettes will not suit a clients design, and they can be difficult to remove. So please use sparingly.

Simplicity, Accuracy, and Ambiguity

Three key ideas to keep in mind:

Simplicity – Often the simplest ideas are the most eye catching. Don’t be tempted to overcomplicate an image, you could even just choose one object to photograph. There’s no need to include a butterfly or flower in every scene!

Accuracy – If you are creating historical content then it’s very important to make sure your styling is accurate. The costumes, makeup, hairstyles, accessories, and locations all need to be historically accurate and all from the same era. For example, don’t photograph a woman wearing a Regency era dress and a contemporary hat, or a man in a Victorian suit with a modern hairstyle.

Ambiguity – Sometimes it’s best create ambiguous, anonymous and timeless images. This style has broader sales potential as it can be used for many different kinds of projects. Models can be styled with natural hair and makeup, and very simple or timeless clothing. Compositions could be from behind, in silhouette, blurry, up close or even far away.


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