Search tips

Using Keywords:

Perhaps you have an idea of what you want, but cant describe it. Or you may know exactly what you want. 

Either way, every photo agency has a different style of keywording.  So please take a moment to get familiar with our keywords and phrases. This will save you time and help you find the perfect images on our site.

How to Carry Out a Search:

For simple and quick results, enter the relevant keyword(s) in Search Box - top centre of each page.

Keyword Suggestions:

When you start typing keywords, a predictive list of suggestions will appear. You can select any from the list. These will help you with your search.

Refine Search Filters:

Search Results pages have a list of refine and filter terms, which will help refine your search.

Just select the term(s) you need from the list, to activate this function.

Boolean Searching:

Combining keywords in a specific way, will give you more focused search results.

Use these types of combinations:

Use (via Quick Search
Example Search results
Space (same as AND) Cats dogs
Cats AND dogs
With both cats and dogs
OR Cats OR dogs With either cats or dogs
AND NOT Cats AND NOT dogs With only cats
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