Licence Information

Although most of our licences are based on industry standard practices, we are usually able to create tailored license terms to suit our clients’ requirements. All the agreed details for any transaction are listed on our invoice which is sent to you and is your ‘contract’ with us.

Do you sell Royalty Free Images?

we do not offer Royalty Free Images. All our images are Rights-Managed and require specific licences and fees for each and every use.

What does Rights-Managed mean?

Rights-Managed images are licensed with specific rights, which usually include usage, territory and licence term. This option offers the most control and management of your licences.

What is an exclusive licence?

An exclusive licence offers total exclusivity for the client, for rights that have been agreed when an image is licensed (Such as industry, territory and licence term).
An exclusive licence prevents an image from being used by another client, in any way that could cause conflict. 

What is a non-exclusive license?

A non-exclusive license allows the same image to be used by multiple clients at the same time. But some restrictions may still apply – eg License Term – duration of usage.

How do I get a quote?

Our fees are not available on-line as our clients’ have varying requirements. So to offer our best value to clients, we tailor our quotes on a case-by-case basis. All you need is to give us some usage information – just by clicking the 'Quote' link on any image and completing the simple form. Once received, we will immediately send you a fee suggestion.

How do I Pay?

On receipt of our invoice, you can pay by BACS/Bank Transfer, Paypal, or dollar cheque, if in the USA. Payment is due within 30 days of invoice receipt.

Terms and Conditions

You can see our full Terms and Conditions here.
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