Trevillion's Fees & Prices

Are Trevillion’s Fees/Prices available online?

Our fees are not available online. We prefer to tailor our fees to specifically suit our client’s budgets and licence requirements. But getting a quote is quick and easy!

How do I get a quote?

Just use the ‘Quote’ link on any image preview page, or email us the image reference that you require, along with basic usage details.

Which usage details are needed?

If you are a book publisher, then you need to send: • Title/Author
• Print Run
• Territory
• Formats
• Genre

Do you offer personalised rate agreements?

We offer agreements specifically tailored to your needs. These save you time, and guarantee our licences always work with your budget. To request a Rate Agreement, or check if your company already has one, just Contact us.

Do you offer Multi-Format discounts?

These are available when projects are licensed at the same time, and discounted fees will always be given.

How do I pay for an image?

When a fee is agreed with us, we will email you an invoice. Payment is due within 30 days and can be made by bank transfer or online money transfer.